Creating spaces for the future

At TT, we have taken our knowledge of design and space planning, developed over many years in a retail environment, and successfully applied it within the library sector. it is this approach that has enabled us to get onto prestigious frameworks for several regions.

Using our in-house design and manufacturing team, we can give every library that we work with an individual touch that makes each one feel unique while still using the core principles required for this public service. These days, the modern library looks to offer more than just reading material, from "Rhyme Time" for the young children through to study areas for the older users, whilst also considering the space's adaptability to enable it's use for informative talks on a variety of subjects.

As well as having the ability to provide fresh new looks and layouts, we have also developed a popular range of standard fixtures that give both functionality and flexibility in the modern library.

  • Multipod Single
    Multipod Single
  • Multipod double white
    Multipod Double
  • 4-way full panels
    4-Way Table
  • Book Table
    Book Table
  • Book trolley
    Book Trolley
  • Mid-floor Gondola
    Mid-floor Gondola
  • Flexi Display
    Flexi Display Unit